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The Existence of the Mirrors

The workplace is a dream like structure in which themes such as birth, rebirth, decision, trust, identity, power, and desire emerge.

The symbolism also contributes to its dreamlike quality.

Creation by Niyayesh Nahavandy

Performers: Camilla Paris,Niyayesh Nahvandy,Beatrice Manvati

Assistant: Karim Di Gennaro

Photography: Pietro Agostini and Mario Seguotti

"The Existence of the Mirrors"
Previewed for Coca Project 2021
Preview performance for the Padova Danza residence and Susanna Beltrami Academy, Italy

Exposed to

-Dancehaus, Milan, June 2021
-Teatro Quirino de Giorgio, Vigonza, Padua, September 2021 -Festival Exister Milano, October 2021
-Invited to the Hangarfest festival, September 2022

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