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Niyayesh is an Iranian artist based in Milan, Italy. She is a storyteller through various 

disciplines in the performing arts, both as a performer and choreographer. Her works are searching for possible visual folktales, cultural narratives,

anthropology, theatre, and voice choreography. She combines her experiences in choreography, ethnography, symbolist poetry, and Persian traditional vocal graphs in a series of perceptual performances.

Holding a master’s in urban planning and policy analysis from the Polytechnic University of Milan she is a researcher of landscape and dance-scape sketches in natural urban and semi-urban textures.


To see creations and laboratories 


  • Dance researcher and movement designer  

Workshop and laboratories at Oddaj ciężar Artistic Educational Center in Warsaw, Poland

  • Dance researcher and movement designer  

Workshop and laboratories at Point Dance Studio, Poznań, Poland

  • Selected artist for the residency at Moskosel Creative Lab 

Conducting workshops and working on digital dance in virtual reality designs

  • Performer at Węgajty Theater workshops for January and April edition

The workshop is situated in the field of traditional spectacles and rituals of the calendar cycle: from the beginning to the end of winter. Workshop classes are especially related to learning the forms and motifs of two phenomena: Carpathian caroling performances and Easter caroling on the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian border, and serve to prepare students to participate in expeditions to these places.



  • Dance mentor at Accademia Susanna Beltrami Milan,Italy October 2022-June 2023

  • It did not come:Performance site specific at Wimar atelier,Poznań

  • Selected artist at at Moskosel Creative Lab August 2023

Conducting workshops and working on digital dance in virtual reality designs

  • The abysmal sun performance at Accademia Susanna Beltrami May 2024

  • Selected artist for project Antigone's pride


The project Antigone’s Pride- Performing Society – A.P.P.S. is promoted by Astràgali Teatro- Eufonia soc. coop (Italy), in partnership with the University of Salento- Department of Engineering – Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab (Italy), Fundacion de la Danza “Alicia Alonso” of “Rey Juan Carlos” University of Madrid (Spain), Institute im. Jerzego Grotowskiego (Poland), Theatro Tsi Zakythos (Greece), with the support of the Creative Europe Program.

The project includes a complex of activities aimed at creating innovative models in the field of performing arts, based on environmental and intercultural sustainability and on the co-creation between artists and innovation engineers.


  • BioAREALab Summer Residency, Bucharest, Romania (August and September)

A residency in collaboration with international choreographers and composers in the research of applying performance in the city spaces of Bucharest

Supported by The European Union 

Goethe institut bucharest

AREAL | spațiu pentru dezvoltare coregrafică, Bucharest,Romania

  • Performance ‘Undomesticated voices’ 

directed by Lara Damaso performed by Niyayesh Nahavandy installed by Rafaella Naldi Rossano 

Istituto Svizzero Milan,Italy May 2022

  • ​​A poem in your body

Creation following a laboratory conducted with students of Accademia Susanna Beltrami March-May 2022 Laboratory conducted by Niyayesh Nahavandy Movement fragments based on poems of the late Iranian modern poet Reza Baraheni


  • The Existence of the Mirrors
a dance piece from Niyayesh Nahavandy


Presented as selected work at VAPORE D'ESTATE 2022 event at Fabbrica del Vapore



  • The Existence of the Mirrors
a dance piece from Niyayesh Nahavandy


-Exhibited as the selected performance of the year at Accademia Susanna Beltrami, June 2021-Selected for Coca Project , July,2021


-Selected  for the Padova Danza residence project, A tutto tondo Danza ,August and September 2021


-Exhibited at Festival Exister, Milan, October 2021

Video art


  •  “I dug a moon in my garden” video dance directed by Niyayesh Nahavandy


Special honorary mention
Awarded by the Jury of Spectators of the 2021 Digital

Interface Award, Hanger fest, Pesaro, Italy, November 2021


  • le sacre du printemps choreography a by Susanna Beltrami 

Performed by graduated students of Accademia Susanna Beltrami,Teatro Franco Parenti, September2021



  •  Eve and the Apple


Performance exhibited for Find Danza festival Cagliari, Italy

  • By the size of a room

Performance directed by Niyayesh Nahavandy as a student project exhibited at the Accademia Susanna Beltrami


  •  Ippolito di Euripides directed by Farzad Amini


As an actress presented at the Arcate D'Arte festival, Bergamo,Italy



  • Comare Morte directed by Damiano Grasselli

30th edition of the Rencontres du Jeune Théâtre Européen in Grenoble in July


  •  Ippolito di Euripides directed by Farzad Amini

Represented at the theater independent of Tehran


  •  Furor Corporis performance Exhibition by Beat Kuert Maimeri Foundation, Milan, Italy



  •  Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez directed by Farzad Amini


As an actress performed at the house of artists, Tehran, Iran


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