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From poetry to movement


The lab entitled "From poetry to movement" took place at Accademia Susanna Beltrami in collaboration with eight students from the second year and curated by Niyayesh Nahavandy. In this multidisciplinary workshop, different practices were presented.

Poems come in many forms in daily life, permeating not only literature but also memories, perceptions of objects, and surroundings.

Next, the focus was on the relationship between individual body movements, landscapes, and poetry. Poetry is a tool which can offer an endless world of possibilities.

Author's Note:

I conducted a workshop titled "From Poetry to Movement" a few days ago with young dancers who are not Persian-speaking.They were asked to translate portions of the poem for me and to express their perceptions through dance and movement or through other media.In this laboratory, they were invited to think and understand the images, hyacinths, and the limitless power of imagination that poetry expressed.

At the end of this workshop, 19 year-old Gabriel asked me the name of the poet again
I answered
Reza Baraheni
He took a note.
A few days have passed and Reza Baraheni is gone.

This morning.


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